History “...visitors to Pebble Island, land on the same airstrip that was raided by the SAS in 1982.”

SAS Raid: Pebble Island made the headlines during the Falklands war when British Special Forces attacked the airfield where Argentina had established a small air base. This highly successful raid, carried out by D Squadron of 22 Regiment, Special Air Service, took place on the night 14/15 May 1982. It was the first land-based action of the campaign and resulted in the destruction of 11 Argentine aircraft. Today, fly-in visitors to Pebble Island, land on the same airstrip that was raided by the SAS in 1982. A small cairn commemorates the action.






H.M.S. Coventry: On 25 May 1982 Argentine jets bombed and sunk H.M.S Coventry (A British Type-42 Destroyer) 11 miles North of Pebble Island, where she was positioned as a radar picket. A large memorial cross was erected by survivors on the scenic hillside of First Mountain not far from the settlement, looks out to where Coventry sank, and commemorates the 20 crew that died. It is a peaceful, poignant and beautiful place.







Argentine aircraft: North-East of First Mountain there are two crash sites with the scattered wreckage of Argentine Daggers. These multi-role fighter/bombers were both shot down by Royal Navy Sea Harriers in May 1982. Further to the west near Marble Mountain, a memorial commemorates 5 Argentine airmen whose Learjet crashed in the area after it was hit by a Sea Dart missile fired from HMS Exeter on 7 June 1982.